Party All Night Long! Christmas Style Video

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Christmas Party Style Video

 Easy To Wear Hassle Free Party Outfits

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas and the party invites are coming in thick and fast! With everything from fancy work do's to drinks with friends and nights at the Christmas Market it really is party season. With all the invites you get around this time of year it is easy to get overwhelmed with what to wear, fear not I have 5 easy to wear hassle free outfits for any type of festive party you might have planned in this week’s style video. With everything from formal black tie events to drinks with your mates catered for!


 Featured In This Video

White Faux Fur Jacket

Purple Tassel Dress coming soon

Gold Geometric Print Dress coming soon

Black & White Floral Beauty Queen Dress

Floral Black Maxi Dress

Black Oversized Silk Sequin Top

White Leather Trousers


Shop the rest of our party collection here


Party on people!


Love Ada's xxx

Top 5 Winter Coats You Should Invest In Now

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New In Winter Coats & Winter Coat Style Video

"Top 5 Winter Coats You Should Invest In This Season"

Baby it is getting cold outside! Boy haven't we felt the temperatures plummet this week! With the beautiful fresh mornings, combined with the crunch of frost frozen grass under foot and scrapping the car all mean that on the top of my wardrobe must list is a beautiful and very warm winter coat. Let's face it we all get our moneys worth out of a coat in winter as that is the main thing that most people will see! Check out this weeks latest style video on my top 5 winter coats you should invest in this season!


Featured In This Video

Blonde Faux Fox Fur Coat

Long Camel Wool Coat With Leather Waist Belt

Collarless Red Wool & Cashmere Coat

60s Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat

Long Sheepskin Coat with Real Shearling Fur Lining


All these coats featured are beautiful, unique and will keep you super warm whilst looking effortlessly stylish! You can also check out the rest of our beautiful coats here


Love Ada's xxx



Black Friday, Manic Monday & Cyber Weekend Discount Deals!

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Black Friday & Cyber Weekend Discounts

Black Friday Deals- Discount- Ada's Attic Vintage 
I can't say it any better than Olive!
Grab you pet, a nice brew and throw on your comfies and shop the manic cyber weekend sales like they should be shopped, from the comfort of your own sofa! No que's, great company and still great discounts! It sounds like a great day to Olive & I.
I know its hard to make a decision so with this stonking great deal you don't have too! Use the code "CyberWeekend" to get 15% off your whole order and free UK shipping on orders over £150.
Love Olive & Ada's xxx 

Quality Over Quantity Most Importantly!

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All The Answers To All You Questions!


I wanted to share with you all why I started my own vintage business, why I do it every day and why I called it Ada's Attic Vintage when I am actually called Rachael!


I want to share my passion with you, the excitement I have to not only dress better than most people but doing it whilst supporting a culture that values great craftsmanship anti-sweatshop culture, small business and quality over quantity most importantly.

"Quality over quantity most importantly"

Worldwide Travel To Find Vintage Gems & Broaden My Horizons

I really hope this gives you a little bit more of an insight into Ada's Attic Vintage and you can see how excited I get just thinking about all the cool things I might find! =D I also want to show you that if I can do this then you can make your dreams come true too!

Love Rachael XOXOX

Vintage Shopping Haul!!!

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Vintage Shopping Haul November 2016!!

This week I have been busy find you lots of cool stuff, I am soooo excited about everything I have found that I thought I would do a vintage shopping haul video! All the items that you see in this video are for sale now or will be listed over the next few days, so check back regularly.
I hope you are as excited as I am about this haul =D and that something has caught your eye! To receive awesome emails and these videos straight to your inbox sign up to our email list here! You even get £10 off your 1st order!!! How cool is that.
Love Ada's XOXOX

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When Folk Meets Rock! Folk Rock Autumn Style Video!

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Folk Rock Autumn Winter 2016/17 Fashion Trend!

Aren't "fashion" trend names hilarious!! I mean where do they get the names from? Is it just a random thought that pops into someones head?? Or are the top dogs of the fashion world sitting around a large white table ( not sure why a white table but that is the image I have in my head haha) brainstorming for hours to come up with another weird trend name that everybody else will find LOL funny??? 
Autumn Street Style Fashion Trends 2016
Back on track with the task in hand! "Folk Rock" basically means feminine fabrics, floral prints and leather! Yep that means you can wear your summer dresses all year now layer them up and add some touch leather to get an easy to wear look! Click below!

Featured In This Video

White Floral Pussy Bow Blouse
Embroidered Bodywarmer
Blue Leather Skirt
Leopard Print Silk Dress
Black Leather Biker Jacket
Pink Velvet Midi Dress
Black Leather Sleeveless Jacket
Leopard Print Dress Street Style
Next Week?? Show & tell of all the cool things I have for your Autumn Winter wardrobes! I just love the thrill of the hunt! 
What do you want to see in the next video??? I would love to hear tell me via social or email;
Twitter @AdasAttic
Love Ada's xxx

Halloween Style Video

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Halloween Style Video

Halloween Outfits Without The Fright!

Halloween Style Video, How To Dress For Halloween Without The Fancy Dress
In this weeks style video I am going to show you how you can dress for Halloween, without looking like a prat... I mean fancy dress =D. As you can guess fancy dress isn't one of my biggest passions and a little goes a long way in my book! So nip out and get yourself a witches hat, cat ear headband and throw on one of these black inspired halloween fashion outfits and you got yourself a good night out (and outfit you can wear again!)

Featured In This Video

Black Ghost Dress
Black Leather Trousers
Leather Biker Jacket
Sheer Metallic 80s Shirt
Velvet High Waisted Skirt
White Floral Veil
Black Sequin Frank Usher Dress
In next Wednesday style video I will show you how to wear feminine floaty florals with tough biker leather in a trend i like to call Folk Rock... =D
Love Ada's xxx
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