Collection: 1900's Women's Fashion

The 1900's saw the S-bend corset, which forced the chest forward into aptly named pigeon silhouette, rise to the height of fashion and then fall completely out of favour. Puffed frilly blouses often made entirely from lace, which was incredibly expensive then, or decorated with lace collars and broad ribbon ties. Overall modesty was key day & night with dresses covering the body from the neck to the floor and long sleeves. Lace was a very popular choice but for those who couldn't afford it Irish Crochet was a good alternative, silk satin & chiffon were also popular choices.

The 1900s women favoured separates with skirts fitted over the hip and fluted towards the hem. The bigger the hat the better was also a sign of wealth and a fashion statement, with broad-brim hats with low crowns, adorned with flowers, lace, ribbons and feathers a must have.