Collection: 1920s Women's Fashion

The 1920s most famous fashion style is of course the flapper girl but the decade has so much more to it & was still reeling from WW1 which ended just a year earlier. Whilst the 1920s is filled with glamourous flapper girls in fashion history books what was essential to the new style of the era was simplicity. 

The beginning of the 20s it was very fashionable to wear tunic style tops and high-waisted almost barrel-shaped outfits, which were voluminous at the bust, hips and nipped in at the waist. A couple of years in the decade the waistline dropped to hip level in the classic flapper style AKA tubular “la garçonne”, as it hid the curves of the woman's body. The hemlines drifted between ankle and mid-calf for the duration of the decade and were worn with neutral coloured stockings and colourful garters by young and very fashionable flappers. The cloche hat is an iconic hat from the 1920s.

The 20s saw women wearing sportswear as day/ casual wear and is often to Coco Chanel, but designers such as Jane Regny and Jean Patou also contributed to the sportswear trend for women.