Collection: 1980s Vintage

A decade associated with power dressing, garish taste and oversized shoulder pads, 1980s fashion is so much more. The 80s actually started with the "New Romantics" style, a favourite of Boy George, brightly coloured lycra sportswear and denim becoming so popular it was worn as shirts, jackets and jeans!

Silhouettes ranged from more form fitting for dresses to relaxed trouser suits inspired by sportswear for high end designers. Puffed sleeves, oversized accessories such as belts and bows and bold use of colour define a decade known for it's excess. Vivenne Westwood Pirate collection came out in 1981 and has huge historical reference. Karl Lagerfeld became in charge at Chanel adding the double C buttons to a leather jacket to attract a younger customer.

Princess Diana was the fashion icon of the decade from her iconic Harvard jumper & lyrca cycling shorts to her giant puff sleeved 25 ft train wedding dress to dancing with John Travolta in an off-the-shoulder midnight blue Victor Edelstein gown at the White House! Princess Diana's looks are still referenced and copied today with a selection of her outfit's constantly on display at Kensington Palace where she once lived.