Everything You Need To Know About Ossie Clark!

Everything You Need To Know About Ossie Clark!

Ossie Clark is a vintage fashion designer legend!!! And no I am not being dramatic or over stating the legend 👼 that is Ossie!

Vintage Ossie Clark Advert London 1960s

I dreamt for years of finding an Ossie Clark dress and I was so excited when I did that I could not run out of the shop fast enough! Of course I paid 1st though 😂 I was SOOOOOOOO EXCITED! That I had to share my incredible find with my mum straight away as I knew she'd "get it", she did shop in Biba after all!

George Harrison & Pattie Boyd Wearing Ossie Clark

Ossie Clark is an important designer for so many reasons. His designs still influence fashion designers today, they embody the 1960s & 1970s when he was at the peak of his career and they are just so damn cool! He is and will forever be one of my all time favourite vintage / designers as his clothes really, for the lack of a better more enthusiastic description, spark my imagination!

reproduction fake Ossie Clark Label & True Vintage Ossie Clark Label

That being said it will come as no surprise as his designs sell for a pretty penny! So this video is everything you need to know how to spot a fake from a reproduction 😷 to the real beautiful original vintage Ossie Clark deal!!!

Ossie Clark Vintage 1960s-1970s labels

As with mainstream fashion there are different price points and levels and that is the same with vintage fashion. Ossie Clark is truly a collectors brand, I am sure this is why your here, his pieces don't just hold their value they tend to increase year on year. I personally think he is a great investment piece if your looking to take your vintage clothing collection to the next level and leave something to pass down the family. I really can not tell you how much I truly love his designs!

As always thank you so much for watching & reading, if you have any questions please feel free to ask me anything. I would also be happy to authenticate an vintage item for you.

Have a great day Rachael X


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I have 1971 Ozzie dress.
Label is missing.
Can I buy a label anywhere ?
Thankyou for any help.
Mary Goggin


Hi Rachael. I have just bought an Ossie Clark blouse ’ soviet rose’ design. Looks authentic but the label ( which also looks authentic) is hand sewn. The ones I have seen are all machine stitched onto the fabric. What do you think? Many thanks.


love your passion .please could I pick your brain on a ossie clark design from 1975 ?


Hi Rachel
I worked with Ossie between 1969-1972, I was employed as his assistant designer before starting my own label https://www.malcolmhall.london
The outfits you showed in your video are not designs that Ossie designed during his time at Quorum which were mostly beautiful hand screen printed chiffon/silk crepe gowns inspired by the 1930,s
The dresses which Radley sold under the Ossie Clark label were derivatives of Ossie’s designs and were produced by designers employed by Radley.


Malcolm Hall

I have an original Ossie Clark evening dress. The fabric is chocolate coloured crepe with a chocolate coloured satin key hole design on the front , long sleeved with covered buttons on the cuff. I bought it in 1974 for a ball and wore it to similar events over the years.
It is in good condition and is very precious to me as it holds many happy memories
Sue x



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