Vintage 1950s Wedding Dress Transformation

Vintage 1950s Wedding Dress Transformation

No need to fear for the survival of this beautiful, if not a little old fashioned, 1950s vintage wedding dress.
Whilst I don't pretend to be even a very good sewer I do think I can turn this dusty old relic into a beautiful diamond that all of us would want to wear on their wedding day.
This is part one and just the most simple change really did blow my mind! I would love to hear your thoughts about my design ideas + the transformation so far below in the comments.... Also can you believe the price!!!
Thank you, as always, for watching my video Rachael XOX
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Beautiful fabric.. it reminds me of my favourite dress in the old Cinderella ladybird book.. I love your ideas for it.. I also love the black top you’re wearing.. good luck!


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