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Every year in the UK, every household throws away 35kg of clothing a year. Which is a huge amount when you consider the population of the UK is over 64 million people!
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It seems crazy to think that the fashion industry is the one of the most polluting industry in the world, just behind oil and transportation! Fast fashion isn’t just creating, and endorsing, a throw away culture it is also ruining our beautiful planet. To me clothes shouldn’t just be worn once and follow trends, they should be pieces that you want to keep in your wardrobe for years to come. Clothes don’t just protect our modesty 😉 they also reflect our tastes, show our personality, beliefs and aspirations.
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That is why I truly believe that shopping, wearing and buying vintage clothing isn’t just the most beautiful and fun way to dress yourself and home, it is also the most sustainable option too! With so many beautiful vintage and second-hand clothes, there’s plenty of choice for a more sustainable wardrobe and home.
Whilst I know that Ada’s Attic Vintage isn’t a big as some other vintage brands, I believe that the small size has a positive impact, not just on the environment either. For example, the packaging is recycled end of batch wallpaper which is not just thick, strong and beautiful it is also saving hundreds of rolls of paper being thrown away and is easily recycled in your home recycling. The tissue paper and thank you note paper is made from recycled paper too and again is easily recycled. Every item I sell is handpicked, not bought in bulk which creates a lot of waste, and allows me to guarantee the high quality of each piece and to create a curated vintage collection for you.
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In between working from my home office, offering you the curated collection of vintage clothing and homeware and reusing and recycling packaging where possible, you can shop guilt free knowing that by shopping vintage and with Ada’s Attic Vintage is one of the best sustainable fashion option for you and your home out there.
Let's show everyone how to dress kind and look incredible! Let the fun begin!