Collection: 1990s Vintage

90s fashion moved towards a more casual style of dress with a sleek minimalist look or grunge style. The slip dress or skirt, oversized sweatshirts and biker shorts were mainstays of the 1990s with a style becoming more casual as the decade went on, even in formal settings. A desire for vintage clothing exploded in the 90s and did crazy small bags, combat trousers worn with vest tops, trainers, Adidas tracksuits! The 90s was fashionable decade that also saw Brit Pop take over the music world which in turn inspired fashion to become more casual.



Supermodels peaked at the being of the 90s with the top models often more famous that the clothes they wore down the catwalk, as the decade went on the "girl next door" effortlessly cool look became more popular, with Kate Moss being a poster girl for the look and the style icon of the decade.