When Folk Meets Rock! Folk Rock Autumn Style Video!

When Folk Meets Rock! Folk Rock Autumn Style Video!

Folk Rock Autumn Winter 2016/17 Fashion Trend!

Aren't "fashion" trend names hilarious!! I mean where do they get the names from? Is it just a random thought that pops into someones head?? Or are the top dogs of the fashion world sitting around a large white table ( not sure why a white table but that is the image I have in my head haha) brainstorming for hours to come up with another weird trend name that everybody else will find LOL funny??? 
Autumn Street Style Fashion Trends 2016
Back on track with the task in hand! "Folk Rock" basically means feminine fabrics, floral prints and leather! Yep that means you can wear your summer dresses all year now layer them up and add some touch leather to get an easy to wear look! Click below!

Featured In This Video

White Floral Pussy Bow Blouse
Embroidered Bodywarmer
Blue Leather Skirt
Leopard Print Silk Dress
Black Leather Biker Jacket
Pink Velvet Midi Dress
Black Leather Sleeveless Jacket
Leopard Print Dress Street Style
Next Week?? Show & tell of all the cool things I have for your Autumn Winter wardrobes! I just love the thrill of the hunt! 
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