Three Outfits For The Price Of One!

Three Outfits For The Price Of One!

One Dress Three Looks Video!

This weeks style video is a must watch! We all know how depressing January can be, dry january, had to wait 6 weeks for payday, dark and cold, but no matter how skint or depressed we feel there is always something to look forward to. This weeks style video will show you can wear a Tartan dress, or any dress really, 3 different ways, from casual to date night. I LOVE a bit of Tartan and feel that this print is a little under loved. I am going to show you that Tartan isn't just for Christmas. 
Click to watch below so you can get the most out of your dresses this season.

Featured In This Video

Cream Leather Biker Jacket
Oversized Denim Shirt
The Tartan Mini Dress
White Katharine Hamnett Shirt
Oversized Pink Shearling Jacket (Sorry this beauty is mine) Try this one :)
Tartan And Denim Outfit
Every MONDAY I will upload a new YouTube video, instead of Wednesday. I would love to help you with a vintage, fashion, style dilemmas so PLEASE send me a message on an social media platform you like.
Thanks so much guys 
Love Rachael XXX
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