The Day I Found CHANEL!!!!! =D

The Day I Found CHANEL!!!!! =D

London Vintage Haul - The Day I Found Chanel!

Yes you read it right I, me, little old (exceptionally tall) me found some vintage Chanel shoes whilst vintage hunting in London!
When I went to visit Kensington Palace, in well Kensington =D, I also couldn't resist nipping in to some charity shops and you will never guess what I found, this is not so much of a surprise with the title, I found CHANEL!! I always new that one day I would find some Chanel, somewhere, and I knew I would be excited but it felt even better than I imagined! I also found some amazing flared trousers with sequin detailing and a vintage tropical jumper!!! So all in all a great day! What is you favourite piece??


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