Quality Over Quantity Most Importantly!

Quality Over Quantity Most Importantly!

All The Answers To All You Questions!


I wanted to share with you all why I started my own vintage business, why I do it every day and why I called it Ada's Attic Vintage when I am actually called Rachael!


I want to share my passion with you, the excitement I have to not only dress better than most people but doing it whilst supporting a culture that values great craftsmanship anti-sweatshop culture, small business and quality over quantity most importantly.

"Quality over quantity most importantly"

Worldwide Travel To Find Vintage Gems & Broaden My Horizons

I really hope this gives you a little bit more of an insight into Ada's Attic Vintage and you can see how excited I get just thinking about all the cool things I might find! =D I also want to show you that if I can do this then you can make your dreams come true too!

Love Rachael XOXOX
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