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Capsule Wardrobe 101- The Basics!

January 18, 2016

Capsule Wardrobe 101- The Basics!

Here is part 1 of our capsule wardrobe series where I ensure you have the perfect wardrobe for every occasion & weather! Today we start with the basics! The key to creating a wardrobe that works for you is starting with great basics! So go and get your bra size measured and invest in a couple of bras, t-shirt, fancy, skin colour.
Jeans EVERY wardrobe needs a pair great fitting jeans! Make sure you try a variety of style and silhouettes on before you buy and don't just follow the trends! If you are slim then a skinny pair of jeans is great, feel insecure about your stomach? Then try higher rise styles that will make you feel more confident. Don't like your legs? Then go for dark washes and slim leg not skinny leg silhouettes as they will be more flattering. 
White Shirt Jeans
Getting Shirty?
The perfect throw on look that is super easy to wear is a great white shirt, jeans and long layered necklace. The shirt is the deal breaker or maker here and it really depends on your style. I myself love and large oversized white shirt which i can layer with another top so i can unbutton a little lower, I have no boobs so don't need to worry myself about flashing passers bye or colleagues. If you are bustier or curvy go for a shirt that has some shape to it and a longer line silhouette for the ultimate flattering look. 

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