Wham Last Christmas
I am a MASSIVE fan of tacky Christmas Jumpers, there is no other time of the year when I use the word tacky as a compliment! The perfect Christmas Jumper in my eyes is oversized, sequins, Fair Isle, motifs galore and bright colours. Anything goes really but who better to take Christmas Jumper inspiration from than George Michael in “Last Christmas” Video. Everyone is supporting true 80’s knitted wonders. Christmas jumpers are big news and they have been for a few years now, I have seen every version of Christmas Jumpers from, boring.. jumpers with just a snowman on! To full sequined waistcoat which was incredible, I am still gutted I didn’t try and buy the waistcoat of the chap that was wearing it! I am keeping my eye out for him down the pub this year though =D. So when you are thinking “Is my Christmas Jumper to over the top” the answer will always be NO! =D
Cool Christmas Jumpers 2015, Vintage Christmas Jumper  
This is my new style hero =D,for December only.
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