Why, Why, Why?

Ornate Hand Embroidered Silk & Sequin Vintage Kimono
Someone asked me the other day, “Why do you sell Vintage clothes? Why do you wear vintage clothes when you can just buy of the high street? Why do decorate & fill your house with vintage furniture, bedding & Nik Naks? And why do you call it vintage when it isn’t it just second hand?
60s Boho Metallic Long Sleeved Midi Dress
For a minute or two I was silent, Why I thought Why? And then it dawned on me, I wear vintage clothes because I love the quality, uniqueness and history of each piece. I feel excited to wear a dress, jacket, top (you name it) that has had a history, had a life and is still looking in great. I love fashion, always have and always will and I’m intrigued how technology has changed not just the way we dress but how we see fashion now and how its made. I love how decades can be defined by styles and how they relate to what people were thinking, feeling, wanting to express and share with the world. Why they choose to show their beliefs through how they dressed. How even though I wasn’t there I can feel like I was though the clothing, furniture, nic-naks etc. How vintage clothing is a part of OUR history, Our parents, grandparents, great grandparents lives and how it has shaped our lives. That’s Why.

1940s Bronze Low Cut Maxi Dress

I sell Vintage because I want to share my love, passion and the beauty and excitement of wearing vintage. From finding that dress that fits perfectly, that is beautifully made and 100% unique. So everyone can experience the true pleasure of wearing beautifully made clothes, that have been made with love and care. Made to last. So everyone can feel special, unique and themselves.

Vintage Navy Blue Velvet Maxi Dress With One Shoulder

All the other questions I answered more logically or factually (which ever you prefer), vintage clothing has to be at least 20 years old to be classed as vintage, so no its not just second hand.

And why don’t I just wear high street clothing? I won’t lie I do wear some high street, being 6tf1 its hard finding trousers long enough now let alone vintage style, but I just can’t get excited about a dress that everyone wears, a bag that is plastic with fake shiny plastic gold buckles and the clothes in general just don’t excite me as vintage ones do, I don’t feel like I can express myself, my personality, my beliefs by shopping on the high street.

 DVF Silk Wrap Dress

Thats why and that is why I will continue to search top to bottom wide and far to find you the most beautiful, amazing pieces of vintage clothing that your eye’s will be so happy they won’t know what to do with themselves! The gold label is for the rarest, most beautiful pieces made from the finest fabrics, iconic designers and or are worthy of being displayed in museums for the cultural historic relevance. The collection is quality over quantity and I would love to hear what you think of it, email me at hello@adasatticvintage.co.uk.



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