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Slow Fashion, Fast Minds, Empowered People.

Ada's Attic Vintage About Page 

I am obsessed with the hunt!

The hunt to find the most beautiful pieces of vintage clothing, accessories and homeware that have been lovingly designed and well made, that evoke emotion.  

The Begining

About Page Ada's Attic Vintage 


Where it all began! Well I just said it ME!

Don’t worry I keep this short and sweet. My little sis and I have ALWAYS worn vintage clothing and always loved fashion, one of my earliest memories is of us sitting on the top bunk bed, mine of course as the top bunk was the best!, surrounded by Cats, we had 6 at one point plus numerous other animals, drawing our latest fashion designs. Ha-ha we even named it Billy, after a cat of course!


I have ALWAYS worn Vintage


As we got older, I mean 13+ in that memory I must have been 11ish, we would rummage around looking for something cool to wear that nobody else would have and naturally we found vintage and our love story started there, and has never ended!

 The Journey



"rush of excitement & adrenaline when you find that beautiful vintage gem" 


I have always loved vintage and have worn it for most of my life! I love the way it allows you to create your own unique sense of style and the rush of excitement & adrenaline when you find that beautiful vintage gem, this is the passion that I want to share. My shop combines my desire to find the very best in vintage clothing, accessories and homeware with my love of fashion and all aspects of design. I want to show people that vintage is fashion at its best that vintage clothing is fun and full of beautiful pieces that can be worn today to create a truly unique personal style.



To create a brand where fashion has a personality, where style, design & quality over quantity is the philosophy.



My aim with my boutique is to show that vintage isn’t costume and is more than ripped denim shorts and checked shirts, to create a highly curated collection of wearable unique vintage clothing, accessories and homeware.


My Guarantee To You

To offer you the best in modern vintage clothing, accessories & homeware
I will never knowing under sell ANYTHING
To price things fairly, ship things quickly and wrap them nicely, of course.

If you don’t L.O.V.E your purchase you can return it, no questions asked*

To Make you feel empowered, so you can live your dreams.

To treat you like a friend and offer personal impartial advice on what would suit your figure, occasion.

Handpick every item I offer for sale.


What's Next?


This year will be full of eye wateringly beautiful vintage pieces, from designer items to wedding gowns and everything in between. So watch this space I might being Popping Up in a shop near you soon!

 If you have read this far I thank you! I would love to hear what crazy thoughts you have in your head! From head standing cats, to hand standing dogs if it’s crazy, and involves an animal or clothes, I know I will love it! Tell me via;