The Vintage Hunter Episode 1

The Vintage Hunter Episode 1

The Vintage Hunter

One of the best things about my job is getting to go all over the country, and further a field, searching for beautiful, unique vintage gems. I truly feel right at home in cluttered attics, dusty shops and any place just about big enough to fit in! As my passion for vintage has grown in the 7 years I have been running Ada's Attic Vintage, along with my knowledge, I thought what better way to share my passion with you than starting my own mini series, "The Vintage Hunter" I hope you enjoy and I also hope my video making skills improve along the journey =D
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Love your first vlog, Rachael. Great finds! Love the red coat and especially the gorgeous white silk dress with the blue sequins. I’m not so secretly wanting to see how it looks on. I’m sure it flows nicely. Hello Olive!
Love from Seattle. XO


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