Life Of A Vintage Dealer - Weekly Docu-Series - Episode 3

Life Of A Vintage Dealer - Weekly Docu-Series - Episode 3

A Week In The Life Of A Vintage Shop Owner

Documenting my daily life as a Vintage Clothing Dealer. A weekly summary of all the things I did the first 2 weeks of 2019! Whilst running my online vintage shop on my own, with only the help from my continuous employee of the month Olive, my little dog and best friend.

My "job" is my passion and I don't ever count it as "work" as I love it so much! To me running my own online vintage shop is like having a full time hobby. That is not to say that it isn't hard work, but when you love something so much and are creating a business that you truly believe it nothing is to much work.

Nothing created, just documented.

As always THANK YOU so much! I appreciate you all more than you ever will know and love that I get to share my random thoughts with you!

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Thank you again, Rachael XOX
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