How I Started Selling Vintage!

How I Started Selling Vintage!

How I Started Selling Vintage!

In today's video I am going to tell you how I got started selling vintage clothing and my top tips on how you can start your very own vintage shop =D

I started selling vintage clothing 6 years ago! And I feel sooooo unbelievably lucky to do something that I adore every single day. What I love most about running my own vintage shop is that there is always something new to learn, be it from building your own website (obvs you can pay someone to do this if you have the money) vintage designers, construction techniques and a more modern day issues of social media, branding, photography, photo editing, video editing etc.... I have learnt so much in the past 6 years, soon to be 7! In March 2019 and what excites me is that I so much more to learn =D

I truly believe that with the internet changing the way people shop and live, investing some time and some hard work you can also create your very own vintage shop or online business. I believe that there is more than enough vintage for everyone and I love how each vintage shop is different to the next, the vintage culture and community is great to be a part of =D

I hope I covered all your main questions but if have rambled on to much and missed that burning question, or even just simmering one, please leave a comment below and I will answer them all straight away =D

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Thanks SOOOOOOOO much for watching you are the BEST!!!!

Rachael & Olive =D XOXOXOX

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