A Week In The Life Of A Vintage Clothing Dealer

A Week In The Life Of A Vintage Clothing Dealer

A Week In The Life Of A Vintage Clothing Dealer

Documenting my daily life as a vintage shop owner and vintage clothing dealer.
A weekly summary of what I did last week whilst running my online vintage business and trying to build it up.
Nothing created, just documented.

It is kinda surreal to think that if I was to have any children that their kids kids kids in 100+ years time could watch this and see what I was doing in 2019.... I'm sure they will have better things to be doing though, haha =D I would love to be able to go back and see what my Grandparents and Great Grandparents were doing at my age and how easy how my life would seem in comparison💇. How fast time changes and how cool to think that I can document all of this on my own with only my phone.... Crazy!

As always THANK YOU so much! I appreciate you all more than you ever will know and love that I get to share my random thoughts with you! Your comments always mean so much to me so I would love to know your thoughts! Just incase your wondering Olive🐶 is still the employee of the month 😉😜

Thanks so much Rachael XOX

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