Would You Wear A Vintage Wedding Dress?

Would You Wear A Vintage Wedding Dress?

I love vintage and especially beautiful vintage wedding dresses, in my opinion there is nothing more romantic than a stunning vintage wedding dress and one of the best things is that you know that nobody else will ever be able to have the same dress as you. Vintage wedding dresses are unique, beautiful and 100% your own and lets not even get started on the accessories!!!
"Nothing is more romantic than a vintage wedding dress"
The first place to start is what era style of dress and of course colour do you want? Check out this short video below for a quick guide to 100 years of wedding dresses.
Now you know what style or era you like the best thing to do is think about colours and remember that vintage sizes come up small in comparison to modern day sizes. There is a great selection of vintage wedding dresses online just remember to take note of the measurements and condition of the dresses as delicate fabric such as silk, satin and lace are delicate and can be very hard to clean, even for dry cleaners.
Vintage Wedding Dresses- Online

A few key things to remember;


Look at the measurements and modern sizes.

Take note of condition

Be extra careful when cleaning, remember some of the fabrics could be almost 100 years old! How cool is that!

 Vintage 80s Floral Veil

To take some of the stress out of buying your vintage wedding dress online, we have all our items dry cleaned, list the modern day sizes and measurements, we also offer a no quibble 14 day refund policy so you can try on in the comfort of your own home!
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