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Scadens Brazil Philodendron Trailing Live House Plant

Scadens Brazil Philodendron Trailing Live House Plant

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  • Scadens Brazil, also knowns as devil's Ivy + romantically as a Sweetheart plant, for its heart shaped leaves, are easy to look after and fast growing.
    The beautiful yellow and green variegated heart shaped leave look beautiful trailing down from a shelf or hanging from the ceiling. They also look equally as beautiful as climbing plants and with their laidback vibes and vibrant colours they make the perfect house plant gift, even for new plant parents.

  • I have a limited supply of these beauties so don't miss out =D
  • Size: You will receive the same size plant as in the pictures, it is growing in a 12cm pot.
    Care: Water freely when in growth, but keep drier in winter. Mist the leaves regularly with water to increase humidity and every so often put it under a cold shower to wash off the leaves. Make sure the winter temperatures stay above 10°C, and repot every couple of years.
    Rate of Growth: Fast, these babies don't hang around! They can reach 1.2m in length =D

    Position: Bright filtered or indirect light. Harmful if eaten/skin & eye irritant, NOT pet safe.

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