Home Grown Air Purifying House Spider Plant

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  • Home Grown Air Purifying House Spider Plant.
    You know what everyone says a house is not a home without a pet or a plant! Every home needs a plant in it and if you are looking for an easy care, low maintenance house plant that looks AMAZING but also purifies the air in your house, and has been voted one of the best plants to have in your bedroom to aid sleep, then look no further! A spider plant is the plant for you! It is super low maintenance and almost indestructible for those of us that are maybe not so green fingered. I love it for its tropical appearance, how it is evergreen and only requires you to water it every now and again. The plant will naturally get bigger and bigger and will want to trail down creating "babies" which look so pretty and can be rooted in water to create as many spider plants you can ever want, it is the plant that keeps on giving! It will even happily live a just water but for I do recommend planting in soil when the plants get bigger.
  • Size: You will receive 1 rooted spider plant that is ready to potted up to create the ultimate hanging house plant. The price does not include the pot, please read the sizes carefully.
    Size Detail: Small plant is 3 inches, Large plant is 6 inches, Extra Large 15 Inches. Full Size Plant is 30cm tall and will fill a 12cm pot.
    Material: Home grown organic spider plant.
    Care: When you receive your plant in the post put it in water for 1 week, then either leave in the water for small plants or if you would like to grow a big plant, plant in any garden compost. Water once a month or when the leaves droop down.
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